Floral Reiki & The Power of Plants

The use of plants and flowers for healing the body and soul has been common place since the dawn of medicine. Botanical materials carry unique metaphysical properties along with their medicinal uses. Tapping into specifically chosen plants, flowers, branches, herbs and seeds can help you to focus your intentions when working with reiki energy.

Plants and Flowers are designed to work with mankind. Their very life cycle is an exchange with our own. They give us the Oxygen we need and we give them the Carbon Dioxide they need. They nourish our bodies throughout our lives and when we return to the earth we become one with them again.

Floral Reiki Session: Roses

What does this have to do with Reiki energy healing?

Plants help us to better match the vibration or frequency of the intentions were are trying to achieve. I.E. If you're wanting to attract a significant other or wish to strengthen the relationship you already have, roses boost your natural frequencies for love. The energies they emit help you to tune your intentions onto their specific track. Similar to adjusting stations on a radio.

How do we incorporate the use of botanicals into Reiki?

The easiest way to incorporate flowers and plants into your Reiki session is to use essential oils. They are readily available from several fine sources. Always be sure to choose a certified organic essential oil that is 100% pure therapy grade. You don't want any pesticides or synthetic chemicals throwing off your efforts.

Another way to incorporate floral energy is to have one (or several) vases of flowers in your sacred space/reiki room. Simply having botanicals present will heighten the effects of your energy sessions and meditations. Flowers also add a warm and inviting touch, they're a simple yet impactful way of adding a calming ambiance to your sacred space.

Personally, I like to place botanicals onto the energy recipient for a full floral immersive experience. There is something purely magical about feeling fresh flowers softly on your skin. With the direct contact their energies help to guide the intention of the session to better aim for your desired outcome.


Taking Things a Step Further:

Combining essential oils along with fresh botanicals supercharge your efforts giving you a powerful boost for your desired outcome. Channeling Reiki energy through the floral materials prior to using them in a treatment helps to "waken them up" and get their natural properties flowing. This gives you an extra little push to maximize your session.

NOTE: Always check with your client/recipient about allergies before placing or touching anything to their skin. An allergic reaction never results in a good reiki session.

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